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Wake up call

Recipe#40: nutella tiramisù



“Whatever is good for the soul – do that.”


5 eggs

7 tbsps granulated white sugar

500 gr mascarpone

200 gr savoiardi (lady fingers)

coffee (q.s.)

cocoa (q.s.)

nutella (q.s)


Separate the yolks from the whites. In a bowl whisk together the yolks and the sugar. Add the mascarpone and mix until smooth. In another bowl, whip the whites and fold them in the cream.

Pour a layer of cream and nutella in a rectangular pan. Make a layer of savoiardi soaked with coffee. Alternate a layer of cream and a layer of savoiardi making sure that the top layer is done with cream and nutella. Sprinkle cocoa to decorate.

Keep in the fridge for 4-5 hours before serving.